How to Make Your Penis Look and Feel Bigger

You don’t need a bigger penis to be a better lover, but it doesn’t hurt to enhance what you’ve already got. Here are three tips to look and feel like you’re a few inches taller.

1. Shave Your Balls
It’s a little known fact that shaving your balls makes your penis look bigger. Pubic hair covers the base of the penis. By shaving your shaft and balls you accentuate and proudly display your manhood. Use Balls n All Rash-Free Shave Cream for a rash-free, comfortable shave. Our Shave Cream is made specially to shield balls from razor burn and soften even the coarsest hairs for a smooth shave.

Balls n All Shave Cream
Balls n All Rash-Free Shave Cream

2. Get Stronger Erections
The harder you are, the bigger you look. Max Vitality Sexual Stamina Treatment supports a stronger, longer erection. The key ingredient, Butea Superba Root Extract, is an herb native to Thailand known for its rejuvenating effects on sexual vigor. The natural root helps initiate and maintain a firmer erection.

Max Vitality Treatment
Max Vitality Sexual Stamina Treatment

3. Get Confident
Don’t let the length of your penis size determine the extent of your confidence. Being a good lover has much more to do with paying attention to your partner’s desires than it has to do with your penis size. As they say, “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.” Get on your partner’s sexual wavelength and you will be sure to satisfy them no matter how big or small you are.


More Pleasurable Anal Sex

Want to have more pleasurable anal sex? Join the club. Many people avoid anal sex because they are worried it will be painful.

Get over your anal sex fears with these 5 tips for having more enjoyable anal sex!

1. Communication

Before getting down and dirty, make sure you have a conversation with your partner about fears and expectations. The more open you are with your partner, the more comfortable you will both feel having anal sex.

2. Lube Up

Lubricating the area is key to making anal sex more pleasurable. Apply a lubricant, like the Max 4 Men Advanced Hybrid Lubricant, liberally on the anal area. Lube reduces friction and helps the penis enter smoothly. Anal sex without lube is like going down a waterslide without water- not fun.

3. Relax

Put a dab of Max Relax Calming Anal Gel on the area before penetration to calm the anal area before penetration. Max Relax contains Aloe Vera to soothe while benzocaine lightly but effectively desensitizes the area.

Before you get started, take some deep breaths and make sure you don’t clench your behind. The more relaxed you are, the less painful anal sex experience. Also, a little foreplay before anal play can (literally) loosen you up before backdoor play.


4. Get Warmed Up

Loosen and arouse the anal area with a finger before pulling out the big guns. This will familiarize your partner with anal play and get them aroused before going all in.

Now you are ready for anal sex. Wait… not so fast!

5. Slow It Down

The penis should enter into as slowly as possibly. The owner of the penis should check in to make sure the receiver is comfortable and enjoying the experience.

After a bit, you’ll get into the groove and wonder why everyone is making such a big deal out of anal sex. In fact, anal sex can be extremely pleasurable and sexy if you follow these 5 simple rules. If you come into anal sex with an open-mind (and open behind) I think you’ll find it much more pleasurable than you ever imagined.

A New Scent- Max Renegade Cologne

Scent is often the first impression you make on a potential sexual partner. They receive a whiff of your cologne and turn to see where the scent originates.

Scent is inextricably linked to memory. Just like a song’s powerful ability to move us, people have strong emotional reaction to certain scents. A good cologne adds a new layer of intrigue to who you are. That’s why it’s important to get the right scent.

Max4Men’s colognes enhance your natural scent and pheromones. They play up your rebellious side with a pinch of virility. In the new Renegade Cologne, a sensual woodsy scent is balanced with a blend of bergamot, cardamom, armoise, and warmed with the ruggedness of mossy accord and sweet amber. The blend of finer scents like Juniper Berry and darker scents like musk and warm mossy accord make Renegade an intriguing, provocative scent that exudes male sexuality.

Let them get a whiff of you!

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 1.34.40 PM

The (Sexual) Health Benefits of Niacin

One of the key ingredients in MAX products is Niacin, a B vitamin known to improve and treat cholesterol, arthritis, memory loss, insomnia, and erections.  

How Niacin Improves Your Sexual Performance

Niacin triggers blood vessels to dilate, which results in a warm, tingling sensation on your penis called the Niacin Flush. Niacin increases blood circulation, helping you maintain an erection during sex. You’ll be great in bed- Niacin also helps you regulate your sleep patterns.

What MAX products contain Niacin?

Max Arousal Exciting Male Sex Pleasure Gel

Pleasure Gel

Max G Stimulating Male Sex Prostate Gel

Pleasure Gel


Niacin also increases pleasure to the prostate.

Advanced Hybrid Lubricant


Niacin doesn’t just increase male pleasure and performance. Niacin also increases sensitivity in the clitoris, making her more sensitive to your moves. Win-win. 

Facing Penis Problems Head-On

Men of all ages have experienced the disappointment and embarrassment of not getting it up or not staying hard. No matter if it’s stage fright or too much whiskey, penis problems will strike at the most inopportune times.

Luckily MAX can help prevent ending the party before it even gets started.

Getting it up

Three ingredients in the Max Arousal™ Exciting Male Sex Pleasure Gel work together to help you maintain a healthy erection.

Pleasure Gel

Niacin is a B vitamin that promotes healthy blood circulation to the penis. When applied topically, Niacin creates a warm, tingly rush that increases pleasure as blood flows to the penis.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that allows the blood vessels in the penis to relax, allowing the penis to engorge with blood.

Peppermint Oil also helps the penis to relax, increasing blood flow with an arousing cool-warm tingle.

Keeping it Up

While some men don’t have trouble getting an erection, keeping one can prove difficult.

The Max Vitality TREATMENT gives you a stronger, harder erection by combining 3 unique ingredients.

Max Vitality Treatment

Butea Superba Root Extract is a Thai herb known for it’s sexual rejuvenating properties. It can help you get an erection, make it stronger and last longer.

Tribehenin Tribehenin slows down water loss, keeping your penis hydrated and plump with fluid.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide increases collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and glucosaminoglycan production. The effect is smoother, rejuvenated-looking skin.

Not only will your penis be standing proud, it will look supple and sexy too.

Max products also help by giving you a boost of confidence. In sexual situations it is extremely important to remain calm. You can sabotage your erection with stress and negativity. Focus on your partner and don’t obsess about your penis. If it isn’t working properly, give them awesome oral sex.  After they orgasm, I’m sure they won’t hold your penis problem against you. The next time, you’ll come prepared with MAX.  For the best results, apply daily or thirty minutes before sex.


3 Secrets to Great Oral Sex

Giving great oral sex isn’t as difficult as you think. Just like any successful relationship, you have to be fully committed even when your neck is cramping up and your tongue is going limp.

Tell Her You Enjoy It

Many women feel self-conscious about receiving oral sex. Put her at ease right away by telling her how good she tastes and how much you love going down on her. Words of encouragement will help her get out of her head so she can enjoy receiving head.

Start off Slow

Instead of going straight for the clitoris, lick and nibble around it, building anticipation. Apply some Max Head Oral Sex Gel to increase her sensitivity with a minty blast.

Oral Sex Gel

Max Head Oral Sex Gel to Tease and Please


Look her in the eye before going for the gold- the clitoris. Lick from side-to-side, up-and-down, and swirl your tongue around her clit. Apply adequate pressure with your tongue and don’t be afraid to really get in there. All women have different preferences for oral sex. Hopefully you’ll find out quickly what she likes.


Listen to Her

Pay attention to the sounds she makes while you’re down there. If she’s making a lot of noise, you’re probably doing something right. At this point you should stay doing exactly what you’re doing. There’s perhaps nothing more frustrating than having your partner switch up their technique right before you’re about to orgasm. The female orgasm is fickle, but if you’re determined and willing to stay down there awhile, you can give her a mind-blowing orgasm.